The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon-LeZion

The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon-LeZion (ISO) Israel Opera Orchestra was founded in 1988 by the Rishon- LeZion Municipality, and since 1989 the ISO has served with great success as the orchestra of the Israeli Opera.

Within a short period of time, the ISO found itself at the top of the artistic pyramid amidst the leading and innovative musical institutes in Israel. Of the music created by its Israel-born and relatively newcomers the ISO has created a “personal” sound, warmly accepted in Israel and on the international arenas by the audience and by the music critics alike.

The ISO offers a variety of vocal works, operas and symphonic works from all the musical eras, performed by internationally acclaimed conductors and soloists, in subscription series, family concerts, and special performances for young people and for senior members of the music loving community. ISO serves its nearest – Rishon-LeZion – community, in public events, open-air concerts, and most of all in hundreds of performances in kinder gardens and schools.

For its outstanding achievement and excellence in performance, dissemination and advancement of original Israeli works, the ISO was awarded the ACUM Prize. The ISO won audience’s and professional music critics’ appreciation in its concert tours in Europe and the recent tour to Brazil and the Argentine. The ISO is a frequent partner in national event like the “Israel Music Week”, the Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes, the International Spring Festival etc.

The ISO has released CDs, recorded live which include some premiere recordings of new Israeli symphonic works.

Music Director: James Judd Director General: Ariel Cohen

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